McKnight Insights & Solutions

Premier Agri-Food & Retail Consulting

McKnight Insights & Solutions Inc. is a Toronto, Canada based Agri-food, retail and supply chain consulting group. We provide a host of services to growers, packers, shippers, retailers, health and agricultural organizations as well as industry boards and associations.

We believe in being the catalyst for significant organizational and behavioral changes.

Strategic planning is a key organizational core competency that we help companies achieve. However, to truly create stakeholder value we believe the ability to execute the plan, embrace change and achieve agreed upon metrics is the separation point between successful organizations and their peers.

If you need to add a significantly new direction or core competency to your organization, we can help you achieve the change management that comes with a change in vision and direction.

With 35 plus years of working in the food arena from store design to global business development …..

“We Provide a Unique Lens on The Future”